The software GCAir developed by the world crown is a virtual vehicle simulation tool which is suitable for the integration of multi source heterogeneous models. It is an integrated software tool which

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Design and development stage

GCAir provides an open integration platform for you to realize the integration function of simulation models of 100+ modeling software.

A complex system modeling platform

A clear system architecture, hundreds of thousands of model ports automatically connect, allowing you to easily build a complex system simulation model.

A private clinic for a virtual aircraft

It can realize automated test for demand, fault deduction and fault location.

A virtual vehicle's house of treasures

The rich aircraft template library supports flexible replacement with its own model, and quickly builds a whole machine virtual vehicle.

An aerocraft

Extensive hardware connection interface enables real hardware access and data transmission to conduct semi physical simulation of aircraft.

application area

  • System architecture design

  • Virtual aircraft

  • automated testing

  • simulation

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