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Conference related information (notes)

In from December 5th to 6th, the 2017 Hunan commercial aerospace navigation equipment Forum (hereinafter referred to as the "three airways forum") was held in Changsha. More than 600 representatives of more than 200 units from relevant government departments, scientific research institutes, enterprises and institutions, well-known universities, industrial parks and investment and financing institutions participated in this forum. The conference invited the leaders and experts from the academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, the major general of the Navy and China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, the China Institute of space technology and the Beihang University, and other experts from the Beihang University.

The whole forum is divided into main forums and 5 sub forums, the exhibition exhibition and project docking are held in the same period, and the signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation agreement on the construction project of the Junshan space theme town of Yueyang and the signing ceremony of the "Tian Ge plan" of the small satellite constellation are held.

In the main forum, Li Feng, general worker of space science and technology group company, assistant Zhang Guang of North Airlines, President of Chinese Academy of engineering, he friend of the Navy, Xu Desheng and Xu Chunrong, deputy director of the major special engineering center of the national defense Bureau, attended and made a special report.

The leaders introduced the plans of the state, local government and industry authorities on the industrial and technological development of the three navigation systems, reflecting the support and expectation of the government and the army on the three navigation industry. In the report of Xu Desheng's deputy commander, it reviewed the popularization of the Beidou System in military training and combat exercises, summed up the development rules of the combination of new technology and application, summarized and requested the technological innovation, and put forward the idea of "to be integrated, not alone; to unite, not to specialize". The innovation of process technology is of guiding significance.

In the part of the forum, we invite experts from well-known enterprises and institutions, scientific research institutes and colleges and universities to exchange reports and seminars around space technology and high-end equipment, commercial aviation equipment, missile and civilian dual-use technology, ship and sea equipment and Aeronautics and Astronautics and technology and cultural equipment.

Shang Yaoxing, the assistant director of the Beijing Institute of automation, represented the director of the China Aeronautical Society, the director of the National Key Laboratory of the flight control state, and Jiao Zongxia, the president of the Beijing Institute of automation, published a speech entitled "thinking on the aircraft electromechanical system of aircraft made in China". In addition, Wang Jianping, chief designer of the North Airlines UAV, Kan Chao, director of the public service of Brazil Air China, and Aang Hai Song, the president of the southern aviation institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, have also brought a wonderful report.


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